In the first quarter of 2021, the HPF high performance packing plant in Dangjin, South Korea will be officially put into operation. This investment highlights the development history of the mineral engineers division of quarzwerke group HPF in Asia.

HPF's high performance packing plant in Tangjin, South Korea.

A milestone in the history of quarzwerke group

In Europe, quarzwerke group already has more than 30 production bases. In 2021, the group successfully jumped to Asia. A world-class production plant with the latest technology to meet the highest safety and sustainable development requirements has been built in Tangjin city. To this end, a wholly-owned subsidiary HPF minerals Tech Ltd was established. The product contains a variety of particle sizes. Mineral raw materials can be grinded and surface modified from millimeter to nanometer. After successful trial production, the new plant will be officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2021 to meet the growing demand for innovative filler solutions.

HPF expertise in Asia

The surface treatment of polymer system can give full play to the function of inorganic filler. The famous silbond and Tremin product series, as well as other products that have been tested and tested for decades, will also be produced in Korea with stable quality in the future. In addition to silylated products, the mineral powder without surface treatment and particle size distribution have been optimized, which can be used as high filling filler to further improve the product category.

"We are very pleased to be able to start production on schedule," said Dr. J ü RG Ulrich zilles, head of HPF. We want to support the success of our customers through innovative products. Tangjin is a perfect location to meet the growing needs of various industries throughout Asia and to expand our local business relationship. "

HPF the mineral engineers is a subordinate department of quarzwerke group. For many years, it is committed to the development and sales of natural and synthetic high-performance mineral fillers. The products are widely used in polymer systems. Quarzwerke group has a history of over 135 years, mining and fine processing industrial minerals with its own mines.